When's the next post coming out?

I'm aiming to release posts bi-weekly where possible. Naturally this may change as Assortment grows or I dive into more in depth topics but I want to keep to a bi-weekly schedule where possible.

Why do you prefix stuff with 'asrt'?

It depends on the language I've used it in, as there could be a number of reasons. For example:

  • I can easily detect if I've found something I've created;
  • There will be no naming conflicts with existing files/scripts I've created or from a third-party source;
  • It's a good practice when working with WordPress as it doesn't use namespaces, so get into the habit!

Feel free to change this prefix to anything you like, the shorter the better for your sake (you have to type it out after all).

How can I contribute to Assortment?

Glad you asked! I'm always on the lookout for guest posts over any topic in Web Development. If you have an idea please go to my contact form and we can go from there :)

I've seen a bug on your website/post/code or I think theres a better way of doing something.

Appreciate the feedback, please let me know. You can either use the contact form again, or feel free to send me a message on twitter.

What markdown syntax do you support?

For both the Contact and Commenting forms basic markdown support is allowed. This includes the following tags: strong, em, a, ul, ol, li. Code is also supported, so too is syntax highlighting. You can do this by wrapping your code in Markdown quotes depicted by 3 Grave Accents then adding the name of the language, like so: ```html.

Supported languages: markup, css, clike, javascript, apacheconf, json, markdown, php, jsx and sass

Do you like Star Wars, Luke?

Maybe a little.