When developing Assortment I wanted a way for user's to easily link to certain sections of a post. They're a great addition to any blog and can really help to solidify the User Experience moving forward.

Whilst there are definitely options already available, I felt they were a little too robust for the solution I was looking for. In addition, as I'm writing all my posts in Markdown I needed a way to automate this, rather than rely on manually adding an ID to each heading, which Markdown doesn't support by default.

Here's the jQuery snippet I came up with:

 * Setup anchor links for headings in a content area

// Get the content area to search through
var contentArea = $('.js-content-area');

// Check if the content area exists on page
if( contentArea.length ) {
    // Get all relevant headings within content area
    var headings = contentArea.find('h2, h3, h4');

    // For each heading found in content area
    headings.each(function(index) {
        // Store the current definition of 'this'
        var $this = $(this);

        // Convert heading text to slug format
        var headingText = convertToSlug($this.text());

        // assign slug to id
        $this.attr('id', headingText);

        // Create new anchor link within heading
        $this.prepend('<a href="#' + headingText + '" class="anchor"><span class="anchor__icon">#</span><span class="is-hidden">Get permalink</span></a>');

// Sluggify a string
function convertToSlug(text) {
    var text = text.toLowerCase();
        text = text.replace(/[^\w ]+/g,'');
        text = text.replace(/ +/g,'-');

    return text;

I've also set this up as a Codepen demo for you to have a play around with.

See the Pen Simple, automated jumplinks with jQuery by Luke Whitehouse (@_lukewh) on CodePen.

Of course, theres much more you could do with this, including for starters setting this up as a jQuery plugin but this'll get you off the ground running.

Got a better idea? Let me know what solution you'd go for and why below!

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