100 days of something

Consistency is a great way to learn something or progress towards a goal. I'm going to give it a try, are you?

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In his 2011 book, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell refers extensively to the "10,000-Hour Rule" claiming that the key to achieving world-class expertise in any skill, is, to a large extent, a matter of practicing the correct way, for a total of around 10,000 hours and mentions Bill Gates and The Beatles as examples of this.

Whether or not you agree with this rule, I think we can all appreciate that consistency is a great way to learn, as normalizing something into your daily routine can help provide you with a greater understanding of said 'something'.

There's been several implementations of this over the years in the Web Industry, with Alexander Kallaway starting off the #100daysofcode hashtag just thislast year. Personally, I've been drawn to my friend's post referencing Jack Skinner's #100days thing where he does some form of exercise every day for 100 days, be that going for a run, a swim or even just walking to work.

It may be a day late, but let's start the new year off with a bang and focus on something consistently for #100days, maybe you've got a new language you'd like to study? Perhaps you want to start spending more time with family or like me, you want to become a little healthier? Whatever the cause, let's make 2017 count.

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